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Oct 12, 2013

Adina E, Adina E Interview

“Adina E” was born in Israel but grew up in New York City. After completing her BA degree at a leading US university in 1977, she moved back to Israel where she has lived since, acquiring experience in several professions, most recently as a performing vocalist. Adina E has released two albums (“For The First Time” and “Self-Titled”), both produced by Luis Lahav.

Could you tell us about your musical background? What ultimately inspired you to pursue a vocal career?

“I grew up in a home that listened primarily to classical music and jazz vocals such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald. I went to concerts and ballets from a very early age at Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera and Broadway. I took piano lessons as a child but didn’t stick with it. I loved singing in front of the mirror, performing pieces from musicals such as Fiddler On The Roof, West Side Story, Cabaret and Jesus Christ Superstar. Though I always wanted to be a singer, I was steered towards more traditional studies and professions. In my mid-40’s, when my life was at a critical crossroads, I allowed myself to begin taking voice lessons. Within a year, what started out as an exploration and a form of self-discovery soon became a desire and passion (so strong) I decided to abandon myself to my first love.”

Could you tell us about some of the most interesting or exciting live performances you’ve been apart of?

“Every live performance is of course different, and I strive (to make) each one special. A performance where I see that people in the audience are reacting emotionally is exciting. To suddenly see people snuggling or kissing, crying, others getting up to dance; to know that I have touched someone on that level is exciting! My very first performance in 2005, in my extra-large living room before many friends and family was very special. Everyone was excited to take part of this new chapter of my life. There was an anticipation in the air as if we were all about to witness a birth, and it was a birth of sorts.”

Tell us about your new 12-track album “Adina E”; what experiences and events influenced the writing of this record?

“Most of the songs on the album are originals, with lyrics written by me. Like many songwriters, most of the lyrics were triggered by some event in my life. Some of the lyrics had been in the drawer for several years before we began working on the album. One day, I suddenly (felt) a need to start writing and wrote a song that portrayed what I was going through at the time. After that, words started pouring out from my mind onto paper regularly. There were even some songs that I wrote and once they were on paper, I didn’t “need” them anymore; a sort of self-therapeutic exercise. But it all began from a low point in my life. Interesting how low points bring out the best songs. If there is a silver lining to low points in life, my singing career and this album is it.”

What inspired you to conceptualize, film and release three music videos in support of the record? What was it like working with director Jonathan Vardi and the Yafo Creative production team?

“Jonathan Vardi is very creative and likes to think out of the box. He is interested not only in the story line but also in the technology. That is why the three (videos) are so different from one another visually. I let Jonathan take control of the conceptualization and I made comments and observations based on the ideas he presented. The first clip he did for “Always” had many people asking questions and finding different interpretations (of) the story. I think that is a great sign of something that is very creative. I hope that the (videos) are a way of making the songs more accessible to a wider audience.”

When will you announce the dates of the select upcoming European showcases?

“We are working on getting a tour together and welcome ideas or requests for participation.”

What is your favorite social networking platform?

“To me socializing still means having coffee with a friend or meeting for dinner. I like direct contact best. I do like checking-in on Facebook and have found many useful, informative, creative and artistic things I probably would not have stumbled onto otherwise. It is very serendipitous and has taken me in many different directions.”

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy outside of music?

“I love to travel. I have become an avid wine taster over the last few years. And since wine goes with food, I also love good food. I used to love skiing but a knee problem has curbed that. I built and decorated my own house which was definitely a challenge and activity in self-expression and creativity. Best of all, I absolutely love being a grandmother to a baby and watching his development without the responsibility of parenting.”

What does the rest of 2016 hold in store for Adina E?

“Moving forward, slowly but surely. Performing live is my passion. Mostly I want to enjoy the gift and privilege of being able to perform for others here and abroad.”

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